Tin Mill Products

Tin Plate

Steel that is coated with commercially pure tin.

Benefits/Uses: The surface finish of tin plate can either be shiny or matte, making it ideal to serve as a base for decorative coating. It is ideal for things such as tin can bodies (for example food and beverage cans), and can also be used for aerosol cans and paint containers, just to name a few.

Black Plate

Light gauge bare steel from which all other tin mill products are made.

Benefits/Uses: Black plate on the other hand is extremely durable, and although it can be converted to tin plate and TFS, in its original state it can be used, because of its strength, for things like metal roofing and shelves, and it is also a good surface for coatings.

Tin-Free Steel (TFS)

Black plate that has been plated with metallic chromium and chromium oxides to enhance corrosion resistance.

Benefits/Uses: TFS, like the definition states, is plated black plate and it is usually used for things like ends on cans and food container bodies because of its great acceptance of coatings.